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"So you have some general questions."

"Let me try and answer them!"

Our redheaded helper wants to answer your questions in our FAQ section.

General FAQ's

A01. How is different from other website design companies?

We did some research and we found the main thing that was keeping most people from getting a website for their business or organizations was not the money but how confusing it was to actually make a site.

That process of deciding on a Domain Name, deciding which Domain Registrar to register that domain with, deciding where to host that domain, deciding how to have that domain look, and all the elements of building a website, just led to never getting around to it. While there really is a lot of work involved it putting up a website, we decided that we could find a solution to make it go a whole lot easier. 

Our research told us that the "dream solution" everyone wanted was for someone to read their mind and put up a great website for them on the Internet, for a next to nothing price. Well, we got as close to the dream as we could.  

While we still can't read your mind, we can ask you to supply the text. We have already supplied the very trendy and professional, pre-designed websites. In 3 different size packages. Each has cues to make it easy to figure out what to write. And we supply an easy to complete worksheet. Also, if you get stuck we can always help. You are not alone, we are right there with you.

As to getting your site on the Internet. Well, we take your text and put it in the design you picked. We then purchase the domain name you picked and put it all together on the Internet, in our hosting package. You don't have to touch anything beyond the text worksheet. That's a reduced workload!

Well we take all the confusion out of it and we also make it affordable, for everyone. That is what makes us different.

Get a website today!

A02. Why do I need a website anyway?

The Internet has become the first place many consumers go to find the products they need. While you may not sell a product or service that can be purchase online, consumers still get on the net to find out about the companies they are interested in doing business with.

Would you ignore 348 million potential North American customers? The number of users on the Internet grows everyday. In just North America usage has grown 129.6% just from 2000 to 2008. The total number of Internet users in North America as of June 30, 2012 was an unbelievable 273,785,413. 

If we narrow it down to just the United States in 2010 more than 77 percent of the U.S. population was using the Internet. That is at least 239,893,600 potential customers in the U.S. alone that you are ignoring if you do not have a website.

North America Internet usage stats provided by:

United States of America Internet usage stats provided by:

Reach all those potential customers. Get a website today!

A03. But I only want to reach people local to me?

It is not surprising that many business focus on their local area, but the Internet has opened a whole new world to both the consumer and the business owner. Consider that over 77% of the U.S population is using the Internet. Many users now consider that the Internet has expanded what they consider their local neighborhood.  Join your potential customers in this great big neighborhood. 

But, even if you want to stay focused only on your physical local area, these stats still hold true for your local area as well. 77% of consumers in your local area are using the Internet, too. Even in the rural areas of the United States Internet users number 60% of the population. It just is not good business to ignore 60% of your potential customer base.

Reach those local customers. Get a website today!

A04. Why is a listing in the phone book not enough?

Many of your potential customers are using the Internet instead of the phone book to find the local goods and services they need. Your customers get more and more tech savvy each year.  Mobile usage has skyrocketed. Shoppers want to know more about you then most phone books or even its advertisements can tell them. They want to get a feel for the business or organization as well as get the contact information they need. 

If you only rely on the phone book you will be overlooking a cheaper way of turning potential customers into real customers. And for those folks who do still use the phone book, why not give them your Internet address as well as your street address and phone number.

Reach customers who no longer use the phone book, Get a website today!

A05. Why is my own advertising not enough?

It is great if you have your own advertising, because a website is not an advertisement, it is more.

A website is really your online location. Think of it as your virtual location.  When a visitor shows up at your physical location in addition to getting products or services they get a feel for what kind of company or organization you are. The same is true for your online or virtual location. It gives your potential customers a chance to get to know you before they ever contact you, many times it is a good website that changes a lookie-loo over into a buyer.

Many big businesses never sell one thing online but they do convince consumers they are a great company to do business with. And have you noticed, all their advertising has their website address right on it.

Get more from your advertising, open your own virtual location. Get a website today!

A06. What if I don't want to sell any products online?

With the high gas prices people now more then ever are looking for ways to save gas, one of those ways is to do their shopping online. 

Now, by shopping I do not necessarily mean purchasing, but rather they do their pre-purchase shopping online before they ever get to a specific vendor. This means your potential customers are more savvy then they were in the past. They want to know who has the best prices but they also want to know who has the best customer service and seems the most reliable and trustworthy. 

This is true even if you are a church or other organization. Visitors want to give you the once over before they waste the gas driving to your physical place of business. 

Let customers and visitors check you out first. Get a website today!

A07. What if I 'DO' want to sell products online?

We can do that, but it will cost you extra. 

We want to keep our pricing low and our packages are designed to get you a virtual location on the web without a lot of hassle and cost. Shopping carts and even Google Checkout require much more work then we can do within our package pricing so we offer it as an add-on feature.  

If you have never had a website we encourage you to start with just information first. Then work with us in developing the best shopping cart solution for your needs. This gives you some experience with a virtual location and it gives you plenty of time to consider all your options. This includes finding out if selling products online is the way you should go.

A good example of this is our own website business. We started with a website that only provided a phone number to call, it was and is an 800 number, but it was still just a phone number. We still wanted to make it even easier for our clients to get a website. So, we added Google checkout and PayPal buttons. This gives our clients more options on how to purchase the services they want. You can see them our current website today.

Open your own virtual location first. Get a website today!
But if you are ready now to sell product(s) online we can help. Contact us today 

A08. Is there a solution to the high cost of custom website design?

Yes! One of the most expensive and time consuming parts of putting up any website is designing the website in the first place. You can hire a designer but that is expensive, often costing thousands of dollars. The other option is designing it yourself. That can be costly too, and time consuming as well. Most folks just give up at this point and forget about the whole idea of putting up a website.

So why make someone design their own website in the first place? What if you could find a way to remove that hassle? What if all the designing you needed to do was pick a look and write the text?

"We found a solution."

The solution we found was to offer professionally made pre-designed websites. Make sure that the designs don't need any additional customization except the customers text. Then include the mocking up of all the text with the hosting and the domain name in one simple package. That way the customer never needs to touch the website. Because it is uniform we can keep the prices very low. We can price it by the number of pages rather then the hours of work.

Then we pass on the cost savings right to our customers.

"We did just that!"

At we offer our customers the choice of either a 1-page Business Card package, a  3-page Pamphlet package or a 5-page Brochure package. Each package has a selection of pre-designed website layouts to choose from. 

We even offer a service for those who have a website but it has a lousy address. You know one of those long complicated nightmare addresses. With our 'Redirect Solution' package you get a new domain name then that name is redirected to your old complex name. 

Get a website today! 

Open your own virtual location on-line. Get a website today!

QA9. Why are your pre-designed website layouts better?

Our designs are better because we have one thing in mind. That one thing is you. You get custom web designing without the custom prices. 

Our pre-designed layouts mean we can create a quality professionally designed business or organizational website for you in days, not months. It also means we can set the pricing so you can afford it. 

Our designs are not templates. Templates give you a lot of stuff to choose from but that means you would have a great deal of layout to either adjust and delete. 

We make each of our website designs ready to work together with our worksheets so you can easily get the website you like. We felt that other design methods either left you wanting more from the design, or more from the content. So we made designs simple enough for our purpose of focusing you on the content and not the design,  but we made or designs complex enough to make them interesting.

We help you with what to say on your website, other services may let you build your website with their templates, but they leave you on your own to figure out what to say and how to get the software to make it look right. Not us, we are with you through the whole process. 

Look through our pre-designed website today!

A10. I can not afford a website right now?

We have done everything we could to make our website packages affordable. Other services charge you separately for your hosting, domain name, designing and even assistance.

With low pricing like $99.00 for the whole year. And so little time required to set it up, how can you not afford to at least have a 1 page Business Card website.

Get a 1 page Business Card website today! 

And check out how to get your next years service for free.